# Sunday, May 15, 2011

It’s Sunday morning and I’ll be checking out of this hotel and heading home soon. I’m digesting what I learned and experienced yesterday at the Chicago Code Camp in Grayslake, OH.

The code camp offered 5 session slots. I sat in on 2 sessions and spoke at 1.

I began the day watching John Petersen describe Dependency Injection in ASP.Net MVC 3. With version 3 of MVC, Microsoft introduced a pattern for wiring up Dependency Injection Frameworks as the application starts up. John explained how to wire up a DI framework, such as StructureMap or Unity in your application. His examples helped to clarify this concept. I do a lot of work in ASP.Net MVC, but I have not had a chance to explore many of the new features included in version 3. John was kind enough to sit with me after his session and answer a few of my questions. A few months ago, I wrote and submitted a book chapter on MVC and I was recently asked to update this chapter to reflect the changes in version 3, so this topic helped me directly.

Session 2 was on Coded UI testing. Eric Boyd went out of his way to get the crowd involved. He brought gifts of books and t-shirts to give away to anyone who contributed a good anecdote or question. Using Visual Studio Ultimate, Eric walked through recording a UI test, showed the generated code, then showed the generated code and added assertions and other modifications to the test. He also briefly demoed the Microsoft Test Professional,  a tool for testers to script and record the results of manual tests; and data-driven tests, which allows you to run a single test multiple times with a variety of inputs.

I was scheduled to speak in slot 4 and, as is my practice, I hid away during session 3 to prepare for my talk. This was a brand new talk for me titled “How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love jQuery”. I tried to show how much easier a framework like jQuery can make JavaScript development. I prepared and showed a lot of code demos on using selectors and binding events. Unfortunately, I ran out of time and had to rush through my Ajax demo and did not get to my jQueryUI demos. Still, the room was full (30+ people) and the audience was engaged. I’m scheduled to give the talk again at MADExpo, so I will tighten it up before then.

During the final session of the day, I recorded two episodes of Technology and Friends. I was introduced to Micah Martin, Dave Hoover, and Ashish Dixit via Twitter and got to meet them after my session. They have a passion for mentoring and apprenticeship programs and we talked about this on camera for a half hour. Next, I recorded a show on the SOLID principles with Chander Dhal, who is a fellow Telerik insider and a world-class yoga practitioner.

The best thing about this conference was the new people I met. Most are not from my geographic area or from my area of knowledge, so I felt my boundaries expand.

It’s time now to pack up, pick up Mike, and drive back to Michigan. I need to prepare for my next trip.

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