# Tuesday, June 19, 2012

If you are in or near Michigan or northwest Ohio this week, you have a rare opportunity to learn from the creator of one of the most popular Aspect-Oriented-Programming (AOP) frameworks on the market. PostSharp inventor Gael Fraiteur will conduct a user group tour this week, primarily talking about AOP, using PostSharp for his examples. During the day, Gael will be stopping at area companies to educate them. AOP provides a way of adding functionality across a variety of classes and methods without cluttering said methods with a lot of extra code.

Originally from Belgium, Gael now resides in the Czech Republic, so it’s not often we get to hear him in-person.

Gael’s evening schedule is:

Date Group Location Link
Tue June 19 Northwest Ohio .NET User Group Toledo, OH http://nwnug.com/ 
Wed Jun 20 Great Lakes Area .NET User Group Southfield, MI http://migang.org
Thu Jun 21 Greater Lansing .NET User Group Okemos, MI http://glugnet.org/

I hope you can make it one of these nights.

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