# Sunday, February 22, 2009

I deal with a lot of smart, passionate people with years of experience in technology. 

I've noticed that these folks love to talk about and write about the next generation of software and advanced topics in software development.  This is great because it gives me a chance to learn new things from the smart people in my life. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is ready for advanced topics.  Developers who are just starting their careers need to understand the basics of languages, programming constructs and relational databases before diving deeper into these and other areas.  These basic topics are often less interesting to experienced developers but they are vitally important.  And who is better capable of explaining them than an experienced developer or architect?

I'll address this partial vacuum in a new Back To Basics feature on this site.  In this feature, I'll explain some fundamental concepts of software development, assuming little or no experience on the part of the reader.

The feature begins this week with a set of articles entitled SQL Server 101, in which I'll describe the basics of SQL Server and relational databases.  This will tie in with a talk I'll be giving at the West Michigan .Net University April 4 in Grand Rapids, MI.

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Steve-Do you ever tour any states on the east coast, naemly South Carolina, more specifically Columbia? I just recently relocated from Cave Creek, AZ for a job promotion and am considering moving back because I dearly miss the good times had at Cave Creek Coffee Co. and watching you perform. Please let me know if you have any future plans to tour in the South. Hope to catch a show soon.Regards,Steve
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