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# Sunday, December 24, 2017

I have been recording my online TV show - Technology and Friends - for 9 years. I recently passed episode #500.

The show has evolved over the years and so has the recording equipment I use.

Below is a description of the hardware I use to record Technology and Friends.

Camera: Canon EOS6D

CameraThis is the second Canon SLR I’ve purchased. My EOS 30D lasted over 10 years, so I returned to a similar, but updated model when it finally began to fail. The EOS 6D is primarily a still camera, but it can record up to 30 minutes of high-resolution video. The image quality is outstanding, particularly with the 24-105mm Canon lens I bought with it. This setup is overkill (read: "expensive") for a show that most people view in a browser, but I also use this camera for still photography and I have been happy with the results. The main downside for video is the 30-minute limit. After this time, someone needs to re-start the recording.

Audio Recorder: Xoom H6 Handy Recorder

AudioRecorderI bought a Xoom recorder a few years ago on the recommendation of Carl Franklin, who is the co-host and the audio expert of the excellent .NET Rocks podcast. It served me well for years, so I bought the H6 when it was time to replace it. This device contains 2 built-in microphones, but I almost always plug in 2 external microphones, so I can get closer to a speakers mouth. I can plug in up to 4 external microphones. Using these microphones eliminates most of the background noise, allowing me to record in crowded areas. Each microphone can record to a separate audio file, which is convenient if one speaker is much louder than another.

Microphones: Shure SM58

MicrophonesI went with Shure based on popularity and Amazon reviews. I bought these mid-level models. I have been happy with the results. I strongly recommend external microphones (either lapel or handheld) when recording audio. My show is much better since I began using them. Switching to a separate microphone and the resulting increase in audio quality is probably the technical change resulting in the single biggest jump in quality for my show.

Tripod: Vanguard Lite1

TripodThis is a cheap tripod, but it has lasted me for years. I have a larger tripod, but seldom use it because I can throw the vanguard is small enough to keep in a backpack, carry on a plane, and carry around a conference. I also like the fact that I can set it on a tabletop, which is what I usually do. It is not quite tall enough to stand on the ground and hold the camera as high as the face of a standing adult.

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# Friday, December 22, 2017

Me and Roy Roy Ayers is 77 years old and stutters when he talks. But not when he sings. And definitely not when he plays the vibraphone. And play he did last night in front of a packed house at The Promontory in Hyde Park.

Ayers mixed a few ballads with the jazz-funk that he helped define. Backed by a band consisting of bass, drums, keyboard, and another vocalist, Ayers played for about 90 minutes, drawing on his 99 albums with such songs as "Red, Black & Green", "Don't Stop the Feeling", and his interpretation of Sam Cooke's "You Send Me".

The keyboardist was the best of the bunch, coaxing a variety of sounds from his instrument during his many solos. I wondered why the stage setup hid so much of him from the audience's view.

And then there was Roy and his vibraphone. Ayers still sounds great when he does his thing with his vibes.

Also Me and RoyI bought a ticket at the door and had to stand in the back with some folks who decided it was ok to engage in loud conversation at the concert. But I had a chance to shake the hand of Mr. Ayers after the show and tell him how much I enjoyed his music.

And to wish him luck on his next 99 albums.

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# Thursday, December 21, 2017

"Mirror Dance" by Lois McMaster Bujold is the sequel to "Brothers In Arms", the novel that introduced Miles Vorkosigan's clone / brother Mark.

mirror_danceFollowing Miles's rescue of Mark in the previous novel, the brothers return to Miles's home planet of Barrayar, where Mark decides to launch a rescue mission to liberate clones who are intended to be used as replacement parts for their genetic donors. Miles follows and is gravely wounded in the ensuing battle. His body is cryogenically frozen and then disappears. Mark returns to Barrayar to deliver the news to their parents - Lord Aral and Lady Cordelia. Arel and Cordelia  accept Mark as their son and a potential heir to the Vorkosigan line. Ultimately, Mark launches another rescue mission, this one to find and save Miles, who has been revived by scientists on an enemy planet.

This is one of Bujold's strongest novels. She not only tells a complex story, but she dives further into the emotions of her characters - particularly the clone Mark.

The definition of humanity and the rights that go with it are common themes of Bujold's books and this one delves into it very well, if a little heavy-handed. Interwoven with this general question is Mark’s personal struggle to define his own identity. He desperately wants to define himself outside of just the clone of a heroic Lord. But, his struggle to do so often leads to failure. Others help him with the struggle. He was raised to assassinate Miles's father, but ends up being accepted by his potential victim and his new family.

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# Friday, December 8, 2017

BrothersInArmsFor years, Miles has been leading a double life - he was born Lord Miles Vorkosigan who became a lieutenant in the army of the Barryaran empire; but he sometimes assumes the role of Admiral Naismith, leader of the  Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet.

One day, Miles is forced to appear on the same planet as both of his persona on the same day. Fearing his cover will be blown, he invents a story that Naismith is actually Miles's clone.

Shortly afterward, Miles discovers that he actually does have a clone and that this clone is being used by his enemies in a plot to assasinate Miles.

The book is a good adventure story. It advances the relationship between Miles and Elli (his bodyguard / lover); and it addresses a glaring plot problem - Miles disguises himself as a mercenary Admiral despite his unique physique. It also takes place on future Earth, which is a bonus for those of us who call Earth home today.

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# Sunday, December 3, 2017

Today I am grateful to attend DataSciConf in Atlanta for the first time.

Today I am grateful for dinner last night with Shawn and Resa.

Today I am grateful to see an exciting Hawks-Cavs game with Dave at Philips Arena last night.

Today I am grateful for:
-Arriving safely in Atlanta after some delays.
-The Data Sci conference speaker dinner last night

Today I am grateful to the Greater Chicago Food Depository for letting me help yesterday.

Today I am grateful to Lisa and Betsy for taking over the Midwest Geeks call, after my 4 years facilitating it.

Today I am grateful for the public library.

Today I am grateful for a weekend in Michigan visiting friends and family.

Today I am grateful to Desi and Ondrej for a home-cooked meal and a place to stay last night.

Today I am grateful to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with family in Michigan.

Today I am grateful that most of my family lives within driving distance.

Today I am grateful to see Mark Colby in concert at the Jazz Showcase last night.

Today I am grateful for the cabinets I cleaned out last night and all the crap I threw away.

Today I am grateful for the man who watched my car at the airport terminal yesterday while I ran in to check a bag.

Today I am grateful to deliver the keynote at GangConf yesterday and to remain a part of #MIGANG after all these years.

Today I am grateful for:
-Attending a home Raptors game for the first time;
-My first visit to Canada in 10 years

Today I am grateful for:
-My first visit to the University of Toronto
-An exciting overtime NHL game at Air Canada Arena
-My first time attending a Maple Leafs home game.

Today I am grateful for my first visit to the University of Waterloo.

Today I am grateful for my first visit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Today I am grateful to arrive safely in Boston on a difficult travel day.

Today I am grateful for:
-a walk around downtown Princeton, NJ yesterday afternoon
-a tour of Princeton University by Mihaela Friday afternoon

Today I am grateful to get to bed early last night.

Today I am grateful for my first visit to Princeton, NJ and Princeton University.

Today I am grateful to attend an exciting Philadelphia Flyers game last night at the Wells Fargo Arena with Jeffrey.

Today I am grateful to Sarah for making me look good at UIUC yesterday.

Today I am grateful to the Uber driver who stopped by my home to drop off the lens cap I left in his car last week.

Today I am grateful to speak at PyData Chicago for the first time.

Today I am grateful that the weather here is still nice enough that I can walk to church.

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